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Boursin-Copycat Cashew Cheese | Erica’s Recipes

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Haven’t you wanted to experiment with cashew cheese? It’s vegan. Made with cashews. (My favorite nut.) This Boursin-Copycat Cashew Cheese is very easy to make with Erica’s Recipe and a blender…

Boursin-Copycat Cashew Cheese

This garlic and herb cashew cheese recipe is everything to me. It is healthy and dairy-free. Cruelty-free. And it makes me happy happy in the I-was-raised-in-New-England-on-cheese-and-crackers-sort…” ~ Erica Schwarz

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  • You ask if I have wanted to experiment with cashew cheese? BUT OF COURSE … if only I had ever before heard of cashew cheese!!! But now, yes, my curiosity is piqued … I wonder if they carry it at my local Kroger store???

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