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House Republicans Pass AHCA – Doing Everyone a Favor! - Leaning Left, Politics

What’s all this fruckus about the American Health Care Act? The House Republicans are trying to do us a big favor. On the surface, it looks like everyone gets less or no coverage. You must look below the surface…

The old and the sick can’t afford coverage… They’re out of the market.

The young and healthy don’t need insurance… They’re out of the market.

People who ‘lead good lives‘ shouldn’t waste money on insurance… They’re out of the market.

Don’t you see? Republicans aim to put medical insurance out of business. They must be wiping the slate clean for a fresh start. It’s going to be Medicare for All or bust!

On the other hand, neoconservative political commentator David Frum does not think Republicans are trying to wipe out insurance companies, just themselves — from the 2018 elections! See video below.

Either way… Medicare for All or bust! (Progressives will make sure of that.)

How the Obamacare Repeal Will Cost Republicans the House | Youtube

“The House’s passage of its new health-care bill is an immediate win for Trump. But he’s not thinking ahead, argues David Frum. According to a recent Pew survey, 60 percent of Americans believe it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide health care for all. The Obamacare repeal may cost the Republicans their majority in the 2018 midterms.” ~ The Atlantic

What a fruckus!

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    • If the mid-terms were to be held in the next 3-4 months, or even 6 months, they never would have voted as they did. However, they know that the bill, as it stands, has zero chance of passing in the Senate, and the mid-terms are 18 months away, so they felt comfortable in appeasing Trump to make their own lives easier, knowing that the citizenry have short memories and by November 2018 will have forgotten all about this debacle, since it will die in the Senate this year anyway. At least, that is my reasoning as to why they voted in such a way as to blatantly disregard their constituents.

      • I wonder if the GOP thinks it will have such complete control of the government that it will be able to rig the mid-terms with no consequences.

        My fear is that normally astute Americans have no sense of how much we’ve already lost.

      • I’m not sure about the rigging … I rather doubt they plan that, but I think they believe that they are somehow adored and protected, invincible, as it were.

        As to your second point … yes, that is my fear also. It seems that nothing seems to stick to Trump & Co, and the same can be said for the Repubs in Congress. The supporters of the right are still yet wearing blinders and I wonder what it will take to rip those blinders off? It definitely needs to happen before the mid-terms, though.

      • The attack on the French political process is a mixed blessing. It allows us to see the process as outsiders while at the same time dispelling the argument that it’s a ‘liberal’ conspiracy theory. The bad news is that it’s obvious Putin has declared war on the West and he’s using social media as his weapon of choice.

      • Good assessment! The good news is that apparently Putin’s attempts to affect the French elections failed, as Macron seems to have won, an hour after the polls closed! I breathed a sigh of relief! Next challenge … Germany in September. That bears watching also. Yes, Putin does seem to have declared war … an underhanded, shadowy war, and it cannot bode well for us. Looks like European nations are learning from our experiences, which is good.

      • This speaks volumes about the value of regulations designed to protect National Security and the principles of democracy. The French also went on the offense and planted fake data for Putin’s hackers to steal.

        Imagine how it will be to track that. The French don’t have Vichy Republicans throwing the civilized world under the bus.

      • I wonder how Putin took the news that his plan failed??? I was unaware of the planted fake data, but my hat’s off to the French! If only his plan had failed here …

      • I have the same question. I think because enough people heard only what they wanted to hear, saw only what they chose to see. And now, we must all pay the price.

  • I’m terribly glad to be living in Canada and paying through the nose (through my taxes) for what Republicans in the US would call a terribly flawed universal health care system. I feel bad for my American cousins.

    • Taxes may be higher in Canada, but you have the satisfaction of getting good value for your money. Good to hear from you ‘Cousin’ John!

      • Although we are one of the most highly taxed nations in the world, I think our health care system is very good. No one in Canada will be bankrupt because they need surgery. That is a blessing, ‘Cousin JoAnn’!

      • People here need to look at what they actually pay for insurance and deductibles over the span of a year. (Not counting people with insurance who don’t use it because they can’t afford the deductibles.) The higher taxes that Canada has, are probably much less than that.

        There are also societal savings. Coming to mind are mental health services – helping reduce crime and violence, helping families stay together, helping people be as productive as they can be.

        Blessings, John!

  • They were supposed to enhance it not make it worse for millions of people. One thing about being 67 is that I have medicare and supplemental and don’t have to worry but my co-pays for meds have gone from $40 a year to $700 a year. I am pre existing cardiac, diabetic and cancer patient. If I was younger my health plan would be “get cremation arranged”. Single payer, same coverage for all. People should not be allowed to not get insurance. Healthy ? When they get that heart attack and triple by-pass who will pay $250,000 ?. They are the ones that want free healthcare.

    • Exactly. The young and healthy should pay-down the cost for those who currently need more medical attention. That’s what previous young/healthy generations did. That’s how insurance works. Someday the young and healthy will be the old and sick, and they won’t have paid enough into the system to get adequate coverage when they need it. Among other things, the AHCA is disgracefully short-sighted.

  • ​Joanne, please check out this appropriate response to tRyanpCare:​

    I’m so mad at that fool Fleishman, I think I’ll go smash and crispy some potatoes. How can a moral person pass a law that includes an exemption for himself and his family? And that is only my first question.

    Regards and keep on,

    Victoria Medaglia

    “They can shut me up, but they can’t change the truth.” — Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

    • I’m sorry, Victoria, the link doesn’t seem to be working now. But I think I follow your drift. I also despise the double-standards that surround this AHCA – the ruling elites are getting just a little too precious! (Not to mention mean-spirited and stupid.)

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