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Beatitudes of Buylessness | Billy Talen

Reverand Billy Talen has an activist singing group, The Stop Shopping Choir. In the video below, they are on fire, merely warming up before a concert…

Beatitudes of Buylessness | The Stop Shopping Choir


“SOME SHOWS ARE MAGIC NO-ONE KNOWS WHY. This green room video perhaps has the mysterious seed in it. Can you find it? The show that followed, in old St Anne’s Church, a sort of smallish cathedral in Brooklyn, was the illuminating show of our spring. From the opening moment when Gregory began to sing the Wendell Berry poem that he set to music “And When I Rise” – through to the Fabulous Sainting of anti-gentrification fighters Shatia Strothers and Amani Henry, the evening sang with some special truth. We all knew it. All of us were taken on that flight and we are so grateful for it.” ~ Billy Talen

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