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Act Out! [111] – How & Why the UN Fails + A Very Unhappy Birthday to Corporate Personhood | Occupy

Act Out! [111] – How & Why the UN Fails + A Very Unhappy Birthday to Corporate Personhood | Occupy

Act Out! political commentator Eleanor Goldfield puts the focus on… 1) The current state of human rights. 2) Corporate personhood and its historical background. (Warning: Eleanor uses a bit of bad language.)

“This week on Act Out!, a vehemently anti-woman, authoritarian theocratic regime was recently awarded a seat at the UN women’s rights table – so we’re taking the opportunity to really dig into the UN and see whether or not their work for human rights – really works. Next up, May 10th is the anniversary of a landmark legal decision that set a precedent for oligarchical rule in the US. Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap of Move to Amend joins us to talk history and the present fight to end corporate personhood rights.” ~ Eleanor Goldfield

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