UPDATE: Readers wrote passionate comments on my post about the Bethune-Cookman University graduating class of 2017. Some folks thought the students were very rude to protest the commencement address by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos – while she was giving it! Others thought the students were well within their rights, and praised their actions.

Just so you know, Black professors all around the country are bursting with pride over the Bethune-Cookman graduates and their nonviolent resistance. You may want to read the open letter they wrote to the BCU Class of 2017…

Dear Graduates of Bethune-Cookman: First, congratulations! We are so proud of what you have accomplished. You have studied, prepared, planned, learned, and have earned what our parents, grandparents, and ancestors have had to fight, scrape, and die for in this nation. We are proud of you for that!…” ~ [over 200 signatures]

READ MORE: Open Love Letter to Bethune-Cookman 2017 Graduates from Black Faculty | Cassius

Be aware. Care. Dare!

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