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In Praise of Selfish Women: How to Cultivate Healthy, Normal Narcissism | Quartz - Must-Read Link
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day, society’s salute to selfless love, a look at narcissism. Somewhere along the continuum, it’s healthy! From Quartz…

“If there’s one word that most women I know are profoundly allergic to, it’s “selfish.” The accusation—whether implied or hurled, from an inner voice or spoken aloud—rarely lands softly or is met with indifference…” ~ Lila MacLellan

READ MORE: In Praise of Selfish Women: How to Cultivate Healthy, Normal Narcissism | Quartz

Happy Mother’s Day!

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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She sometimes writes fiction about Chester (the Alpha Bichon) and his friends -- with a dash of humor and dab of Poli-Sci. JoAnn's views and insights are tinted by her past profession in Counseling, Christian theological studies, and Library and Information Science training. Retired now, JoAnn enjoys the creative life.


  • A compelling read that touches on the various manifestations of narcissism. As detailed in the article, narcissism becomes a problem in individuals when it is all-consuming (e.g. Trump), and it becomes a problem in society when it is normalized within the culture (e.g. America today).

    I supported the Women’s Movement of the 60s and 70s, and have continually fought against conservative criticism which labeled it as “selfish” and “destructive” to the so-called “nuclear” (i.e. traditional) family. What that movement was all about back then was: 1) demanding equal pay for equal work; and, 2) shaming the cultural acceptance of domestic violence. That agenda was neither selfish nor narcissistic. However, like all movements, some followers went astray from that agenda. Some, with personal axes to grind, used the movement for other purposes such as to engage in rhetorical male-bashing. I recall a feminist coworker who once unleashed an anti-male rant towards me that was quite disturbing. After explaining that I supported feminists, she abruptly ended the conversation. Many male friends of mine have relayed similar experiences.

    It’s unfortunate that the Women’s Movement today is perceived somewhat negatively by some on the Political Left. But, that’s the problem with social movements, I suppose. As they grow in size, it becomes harder to stay on message.

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