Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight says this story about a Chinese-owned factory farm (Smithfield Foods), a corporate sacrifice zone in North Carolina, is a “microcosm” of everything wrong across America.” Specifically, that would be too much sh*t…

PROOF Literal Pig Sh*t Is Being Dumped On Americans! | Redacted Tonight

“North Carolina residents have found themselves stuck between a rock and a hardened piece of turd thanks to the actions of their legislators. Choosing corporate profits over constituents, both the state’s House and Senate voted to override their governor’s veto of a bill that would make it harder for people to sue nearby pig factory farms from literally spraying pig fecal matter into the air. Hundreds of thousands of North Carolina residents live within the stench of these pig poop pits and continue to suffer health consequences and now they’ll have little to no legal recourse. This smelly situation sheds a light on the types of environmental injustices happening across the country, particularly in areas with high concentrations of poverty and people of color. And you’ll never believe who REALLY benefits from the state’s dogged defense of pig dung.” ~ Redacted Tonight

The company highlighted in this story is one that depends on cruelty to people and animals in order to turn a profit. I suspect a more innovative company, with a humane business plan, would be able to earn a healthy profit in this industry. But that potential good company will never have a chance, because we allow stupid, lazy business practices that enable prosperity through exploitation, instead of hard-work, good ideas, and moral integrity.

Ready to protest? Boycott? Go Vegan? The name of that company, again, is Smithfield Foods.

Enough humor to bear the truth. 

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