Climate Change May Force Millions of Americans to Move Inland | Huffington Post

Climate Change May Force Millions of Americans to Move Inland | Huffington Post - Must-Read Link

You must share this article on U.S. sea level rise with your climate denying friends, specially those who have property investments in Florida…

You must share this article on U.S. sea level rise with your climate denying friends, specially those who have property investments in Florida…

“…Rising sea levels have already forced some Pacific Ocean communities to flee from their homes and there are fears that several whole islands will be underwater in just a few decades. But it’s not just island dwellers who need to worry about climate-related migration. As coastal areas are deluged over this century, millions of mainland Americans could be forced to flee inland…” ~ Dominique Mosbergen

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If you live in a U.S. coastal area, what are your plans for the future? How long will you wait before moving? Will you let the family’s younger generation decide or deal with it?

Be aware. Be objective.

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    Anyone who owns property in Florida or along the coasts should seriously consider liquidating it. Otherwise, it will probably be underwater in 25 years….

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    I live in the immediate evacuation zone of a nuclear plant precariously perched on the shifting sands of a Florida barrier isle. Given the rising sea levels, the decommission process should already be underway. It isn’t. Given the rising sea levels, the race should be on to replace the shoreline-saving mangroves that were destroyed for the sake of waterfront views. It isn’t. Salt water intrusion is an increasing factor in Florida drinking water … hundred gallon rain barrels should be distributed for free; gutter systems should be subsidized. They aren’t. Water-shedding lawns on public lands should be as rare as a living wage in Florida, rain-absorbing shrubs and trees should be everywhere. They aren’t. At some point, we’ll have to acknowledge that our legislators and governor aren’t just pickpockets, they’re rather homicidal.

    • Sue, thank you for telling people what it’s really like in the Florida coast lands: homicidal madness and greed when it comes to sea level. In regards to climate change, in general, we need to start attaching the word ‘homicidal’ to it.

  • A big problem for people in understanding climate change is the complex relationship between rising global average temperature and the consequential effects all of us are concerned about, such as coastal flooding from rising sea levels. What I try to tell skeptics and the uninformed is that Earth’s climate has been relatively stable since the end of the last ice age 12,000 years ago. In other words, it has been in a natural state of equilibrium and had great capacity to resist change. Whenever random events occurred which impacted the climate, such as a large volcanic eruption, Earth’s natural mechanisms (e.g. the carbon cycle which removes excess CO2 from the air) respond by countering the resulting imbalance. As long as the climate impact stays below a certain threshold, and is not prolonged, equilibrium is restored within a few years.

    However, if the climate impact surpasses that threshold or is prolonged, feedback loops are triggered which overwhelm Earth’s natural countering mechanisms (see: As the climatic imbalance increases, additional feedback loops are triggered which escalates the rate of change (see: As the rate of climate change increases, those consequential effects we’re all concerned about escalates exponentially.

    What this all means is that the climatic effects we’re seeing now (extreme weather, coastal flooding, shifting ecosystems, ocean acidification, and species die-offs) will get worse and worse with each passing year. The current 9-10 inches of sea level rise will soon become 2 feet, then 4 feet, then 8 feet, and so on (see:,_1880-2013.png). By the time we reach 8 feet of sea level rise near the end of this century (or sooner), the other projected climatic effects will be truly frightening and pose an existential crisis for modern civilization.

    • Thanks for the valuable insights and the links, Robert. Tragically, it will take the manifestation of “consequential effects” on their very own doorstep before a certain type of person will listen-up. Until then, they are committed voters.

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