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Minneapolis Candidates Face Pointed Questions from Progressives - Progressive Politics
Written by JoAnn Chateau

The Star Tribune reports that Minneapolis city candidates are being asked a new breed of questions. Very pointedly, they’re being asked if they will support the local progressive grassroots movement.

Most of the candidates blow the questions off, suggesting they are inappropriate or just plain weird. But the questions seem practical to me. They bring progressive issues into the campaign dialogue. Whether or not a question is answered, a candidate’s response is always revealing.

You don’t know unless you ask.

“…Our Revolution Twin Cities, a spinoff of the Bernie Sanders campaign, asked mayoral candidates, “Will you commit not to veto any City Council action supported by Our Revolution Twin Cities?” Most of them balked at agreeing to such a blanket pledge.

Then there was this question among the 15 sent to City Council and mayoral candidates by the group TakeAction Minnesota: “How would you co-govern with TakeAction Minnesota’s, and other progressive groups’, memberships?”…”

~ Adam Belz

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