Trump Defines New Low Social Norms

Trump Defines New Low Social Norms - Resistance for Peace
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JoAnn Chateau
  • JoAnn, given the history and nature of the President, it still amazes me he was elected. Setting aside his ego, untruthfulness, name calling and bigotry, here is a man who openly and on several occasions bragged on his sexual harassment and assault of women. Here is a man who promotes violence toward his detractors, even congratulating the Montana candidate for beating up a reporter. Here is a man who told the media he fired the FBI director before he told the man he fired. And, the list goes on. Yet, he is still defended. I remain stunned. Keith

      • JoAnn, it seems so. Plus, we are forsaking our role as the moral compass in the world. If you said in 1945, that 72 years later, Germany would be the leader of the free world, you would have raised everyone’s eyebrows. Keith

      • Germany’s evolution from Hitler is inspiring. At some point, the people faced their own complicity in the Holocaust and determined it would/could never happen again (a segment in “Where to Invade Next”). As a nation, they were able to heal. Now they thrive. They take in refugees.

JoAnn Chateau

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