Chris Hedges compares the present political, judicial, and economic condition of the United States with the fall of the Roman Empire. Such a comparison is an old idea, but what is different now is that our democratic underpinnings are completely rotted away. The collapse is imminent.

Why share such a depressing message? Readers of this blog know I typically highlight committed, tireless people who fight the good fight, and share updates on progressive wins for democracy. Chris Hedges is too pessimistic to bear, to fit either of those categories.

Hedges is like an old-time prophet who hoarsely cries warnings into the wilderness — a wasteland of stubborn, deaf ears. Still, he continues to warn us. May there yet be a glimmer of hope?

Hedges, himself, has so such hope. He is simply telling us to be prepared, so that some remnant may survive.

“There would be five [Roman] emperors in A.D. 193, the year after the assassination of Commodus. Trump and our decaying empire have ominous historical precedents. If the deep state replaces Trump, whose ineptitude and imbecility are embarrassing to the empire, that action will not restore our democracy any more than replacing Commodus restored democracy in Rome. Our republic is dead…” ~ Chris Hedges

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If you’re figuring the odds on the future of our nation, how pessimistic or optimistic are you?

Be aware and objective.

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