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Nina Turner: Corporate Democrats Won’t Give Progressives an Inch for the Sake of Unity

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Written by JoAnn Chateau

The Sanders Movement is strong in California.  A moderate who grants an ear to them nearly gained leadership in the California Democratic Party last week. However, despite vote count, an establishment Democrat was elected to Chair the party — thanks to Super Delegates.

The supposed call for “unity” within the Democrat Party apparently has nothing to do with melding Corporate* and Progressive views. This is of particular concern in regard to the current case of California health care and The Healthy California Act. (Watch video!)

Do you think Progressives will be forced to leave the Democrat Party, and start a new party, in order to represent the needs of average people?

Nina Turner on Bitter Fight in California Democratic Party | The Real News

“Nina Turner says Kimberly Ellis’s loss to a Clinton democrat for chair of the state party by only 62 votes shows strength of Sanders movement, but makes clear corporate democrats won’t give progressives an inch for the sake of “unity.” ~ The Real News

*Corporate Democrat is the emerging term for Establishment Democrats who depend on campaign contributions from wealthy corporations and billionaires.

Be aware. Be objective.

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  • This movement to move beyond corporatism must take hold in more mainstream states outside of Calif. for it to be successful in upcoming elections. I can only hope.

  • I agree with all the comments, and do believe that the democratic party has lost its focus. Efforts such as those by the Justice Democrats to replace corporatists don’t seem to be catching on. A new party may be the only way forward.

  • People in my district are fortunate to have a caring, competent, Congressman with integrity, Rick Nolan (https://nolan.house.gov/). He was a particular target of the GOP during the 2016 elections but he made it again and I am so grateful. Our 2 Dem. senators seem to share little in common with us ordinary folks. I wish there were viable progressive alternatives…

    • Wishing too, Carol. Where I live in Florida, there are sometimes no Democrat candidates running for an office, much less a Progressive.

      Followed the link you shared, it looks like Nolan is fighting the good fight. Your endorsement confirms it, of course. I also am grateful for him.

      How many Progressives will we get into Congress in 2018? Certainly, a significant number of Republicans will lose their seats. But if they’re replaced by establishment Democrats, it isn’t much better for most people.

      • So true, JoAnn. It’s hard to give up power and privilege for the uncertainty of living with integrity and compassion in an age when these are increasingly rare values…

  • “Do you think Progressives will be forced to leave the Democrat Party, and start a new party, in order to represent the needs of average people?”
    ~ If they want to make any progress forward, they will have no other option. For my part, until Bernie separates himself from the Dem Pack, I cannot continue to support his revolution.

    • Yes. I now support Bernie’s revolution in theory and on the blog. When he declares a run at the presidency under a 3rd party banner (or he backs some other good, capable Progressive), then I support financially the best I can. Just waiting.” :-)

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