You may remember I was rooting for Benoit Hamon (the “French Bernie Sanders) back in January, when he won the French Socialist Party Primary. But as it turns out, Emmanuel Macron is now President of France. Although not as Left as a Socialist, he does possess admirable character traits — and the world is totally fascinated.

Macron Is Innovative

Macron founded the En Marche! political party on April 6, 2016, exactly one year before he was elected. That’s quite innovative. As well as, industrious and optimistic. I say “optimistic” because Macron sees his party as a progressive movement to unite Left and Right. We’ll see, many fingers are crossed.

Macron Is Unconventional

Macron married his high school sweetheart… and teacher. That is unconventional. They waited some years, before tying the knot in 2007. That also reveals constancy. Brigitte Trogneux has 24 years on her presidential husband.

Macron is Determined

Since Bernie Sanders’ public references to a corrupt political system during his 2016 presidential campaign, successfully elected politicians have promised to clean up politics. Donald Trump called it “draining the swamp.” With a Cabinet filled with Goldman Sachs execs and unqualified wealthy elites, we’ve seen how that’s turning out on this side of the Atlantic (hysterical laughter gradually fading into sobs).

Over in France, Macron is already doing something about political corruption. That’s determination. His first undertaking was the Law of Moralization of Public Life. That also shows integrity. Provided it is approved by the French Council of Members, the new anti-corruption law will prohibit nepotism, limit political terms of service, prevent conflicts of interest, and end financial exceptions.

Macron is Confident

While visiting Vladimir Putin yesterday, Emmanuel Macron confronted the Russian President on:

  • Russian propaganda
  • Chemical weapon use in Syria
  • Violence against gay men in Chechnya

Macron did not make threats. He made promises, which he is determined (see above) to keep. That’s confidence.

Macron Has a Great Handshake

Macron understands what handshakes are for, and he has a great one.

As reported in the Guardian, President Macron explained:

“That’s how you ensure you are respected. You have to show you won’t make small concessions – not even symbolic ones.”

Whether Conservative, Progressive, or Centrist, who can’t find this Macron “good character” phenomenon extremely encouraging? We all want leaders with integrity.

Like abused children, the world will keep a hyper-vigilant watch on President Macron’s every move. We are hoping to see confirmation that the political pendulum is, indeed, swinging — to the side of good and right, and with a fair measure of might.

Vive la France!