Exactly one week before the election, polls show that London voters overwhelmingly favor Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, who continues to close the gap between himself and opponent Theresa May throughout the rest of the nation. The 2017 UK General Election will take place next Thursday, June 8.

The YouGov survey shows Labour surging to a 17 point lead in the UK’s capital.

Jeremy Corbyn is now London’s favourite candidate for Prime Minister, according to a newly released poll. The YouGov survey for the Evening Standard sees Mr Corbyn overtake Theresa May as the preferred choice to lead the country among Londoners…

A national poll published on Thursday showed that across the country the Conservative poll lead has shrunk to just three points, with the Conservatives on 42 points but Labour are close behind on 39…” ~ Joe Watts

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Labour enjoys huge 17-point lead in London as Tories face losing seats.

Theresa May is dealt a blow today as a new poll reveals support for Jeremy Corbyn surging in London. For the first time, more voters in the capital say they think Labour’s leader would make a better Prime Minister than Mrs May.

The Tories’ hopes of gaining seats in London are dashed by a huge 17-point lead opening up for Labour. Instead, they could lose seats…” ~ Joe Murphy

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