Trump’s Most Drastic Statement Yet | The Atlantic

Uri Friedman, of The Atlantic, fears Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord helps to set the stage for global war…


Regarding 45’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, Uri Friedman explores the significance of America’s past and present role on the world scene. In his estimation, the President’s act only helps set the stage for global war.

“Climate change is the ultimate collective problem and the Paris Accord was the ultimate collective solution. Now the United States joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations who have refused to sign on to lower their emissions. Staff writer Uri Friedman argues Trump’s move pushes a dangerous, Darwinian world view that previously led to global war.” ~ The Atlantic

Always look deeper.

  1. Who will fight on our side in the next war then? Nicaragua and Syria?

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  2. Trump is ignorant, but Bannon is not. If there’s a Devil, he definitely sold his soul a long time ago…(K)

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  3. Dangerous and Darwinian, indeed. Meanwhile, new signs of catastrophic methane release in the Arctic, and a massive ice shelf chunk is about to break off in the Antarctic.

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    1. I know.

      A mini-story…

      A far-right Christian enters the Pearly Gates, bursting with a question. “God, WHY did you let the planet melt?”

      God replies, “1) I told you that Wisdom is the greatest gift. 2) 97% of My scientists warned you. 3) I gave you free will… in order to DO something.”

      God continues, “What with the 6th Extinction, and reincarnation getting backed up, it’s crowded here. I will need to lodge you in the Lower Suite. Here is your hand-basket.”

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      1. Ha, ha… that’s awesome! 🙂

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  4. This was a tactic…he is trying desperately to change the conversation from his other problems… he had a great oxymoron….”draconian non-binding agreement”…I love it….chuq

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    1. Ahh… off course. The man is so ignorant and self-centered. But crafty. He doesn’t have character, he is a character.

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      1. A TV character…..a reality star….chuq

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