Rank Choice Voting is gaining support. Most recently, the Massachusetts Democratic Party included Rack Choice Voting in their new platform. But don’t cheer too much for democracy just yet.

Last year, Maine adopted Rank Choice Voting. State Republicans have been fighting the voters’ decision ever since. The Maine Supreme Court now advises that Rank Choice Voting violates the state’s constitution.

“On Saturday, the Massachusetts Democratic Party adopted a new platform, including an amendment supporting ranked choice voting. This echoes a long history of support for ranked choice voting in the state. Ranked choice voting has been used in Cambridge municipal elections since 1941, while the Amherst Charter Commission proposed adopting it it for local elections last month…” ~ Shashank Vura

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“Last fall, Maine voters passed an experiment in voting that no state has ever before tried: ranked-choice voting. It’s an experiment some say could change the national calculus against third parties, as I’ll explain below. But the state’s Republican-led Senate asked Maine’s Supreme Court to rule on the system — and the court recently issued an advisory ruling that ranked-choice violates the state constitution…” ~ Jack Santucci

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“…Reports of ranked-choice voting’s demise in Maine have been greatly exaggerated. The ruling was only advisory and resulted from a February request by Maine’s Senate. It was not the result of a lawsuit, which would be legally binding, and had no bearing on upcoming elections. It was really nothing more than guidance for the legislature to consider should it take further action…

Furthermore, the League of Women Voters has promised if the state legislature decides to act to block ranked-choice voting, the league will “support a constitutional amendment that is consistent with the will of Maine people,” [said] Jill Ward, president of the league’s Maine chapter…

Paul Rosenberg

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The Basics of Rank Choice Voting

The video below covers the basics of Rank Choice Voting. To learn more, visit FairVote.org.

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