UPDATE: Friday afternoon, June 9 – Theresa May struck an alliance with the ultra-conservative Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a small Irish party that holds 10 seats in Parliament, giving May’s Conservative Party a slight majority. The DUP may be comparable to the U.S. Far-Right. For instance it is anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and packed with climate deniers and creationists.

Progressive Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lost the UK General Election last night. However. The Labour Party gained 32 seats in Parliament, while Theresa May’s Conservative Party lost 12 Parliament seats.

OK. I readily see how that may increase political support for progressive policies. But, why are progressive Brits so very excited? I mean, Theresa May is still Prime Minister. Right?

Not necessarily. The excitement is caused by something called a “Hung Parliament.” Apparently, a Hung Parliament opens a new stage of leadership selection.

What!?! It isn’t over.

The video below explains, and I will transcribe each point so that Americans may ponder at their leisure.

General election 2017: What is a Hung Parliament? | Norfolk Now

  • If no party wins an outright majority (more than 325 votes), then you may end up with a Hung Parliament.
  • This means the incumbent PM stays in power until it is decided who will form a new government.
  • All parties are allowed to negotiate with one another to put together an alliance majority.
  • There is no official time limit and in 2010 it took five days to form the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition.
  • The new Parliament is due to meet on June 13; Mrs. May has until then to orchestrate a deal or stand down.
  • If Mr. Corbyn has formed a coalition ahead of that date, then Theresa May is expected to resign.
  • In theory, it is possible for a minority government to come to power.
  • This means the governing party would rely on the support of smaller parties to get their laws passed.
  • The only test for whether a government can be formed is if it has the confidence of the House of Commons.

Get the finer details, and the possible paths that could taken, from this article:

“Britain has a hung parliament, after Labour’s victory in Southampton Test made it impossible for any party to reach the 326 MPs required to achieve an absolute  majority in the House of Commons. The exit poll at 10pm last night correctly predicted that the Conservatives would lose their overall majority.

Prime Minister Theresa May now looks certain to step down…”

~ Asa Bennett

READ MORE: What Is a Hung Parliament? What Happens When No Party Wins an Election Majority? | The Telegraph

Sooo… if Theresa May steps down… does that mean Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister? The answer is: maybe.

Jermey Corbyn Says UK Prime Minister Theresa May Should Resign After Triumphant Night for Labour | Euro News

“Jeremy Corbyn, whose political career reached unexpected heights as the results of the UK’s general election filtered through last night, has urged Prime Minister Theresa May to stand down after a dismal night for the Conservatives.” ~ Euro News

Jeremy Corbyn! Maybe!

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