UPDATE: When I posted this earlier today, I should have expressed concern for the well-being of Rep. Scalise and the others injured today. At the time, it didn’t sound like they had been badly hurt. But being shot is a horrible, vulnerable, frightening experience, even when one escapes mortal injury — and I did not address that reality. Now we know Scalise is in critical condition. Please allow me to belatedly wish a complete recovery in body, mind, and spirit to those injured: Rep. Scalise, staffers, and police officers.

Out of principle, I do not condone violence of any kind, not overt, and not passive (like letting people die when you could create legislation that would save lives). I’m simply surprised this has not happened sooner.

Maybe now, Republicans will take an interest in domestic terrorism. Or gun control. Or hate crimes. Maybe they will begin to have an inkling how hard it will be to get re-elected come 2018 (heads up, establishment Democrats, you too).

“A top Republican leader in Congress and others were shot early Wednesday morning in Virginia while practicing for an annual charity baseball game, authorities and witnesses said, sending at least five people to the hospital.”

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