The Southern Baptist Church (SBC) made a powerful declaration this week. They denounced and repudiated white supremacy and the alt-right movement. This is huge news with political importance for all Americans, because a large percentage of Southern Baptists are Trump supporters — and he will be losing quite a few of their votes in the future.

Spiritual importance? The One who keeps his eye on the sparrow is very pleased.

“…Getting the resolution to pass… was an uphill battle… The original resolution denouncing the alt-right was introduced by Dwight McKissic, an SBC pastor from Texas. In that version, McKissic wrote that the alt-right “must be opposed for the totalitarian impulses, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that infect the minds and actions of its violent disciples.”

In an interview with the Washington Post, McKissic said he felt motivated to write the resolution after taking notice of the amount of people in the organization who supported President Donald Trump. According to the Pew Research Center, the SBC is overwhelmingly white—85 percent to be exact—and a large majority voted for Trump…”

Celisa Calacal 

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“The Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting turned chaotic in Phoenix this week over a resolution that condemned white supremacy and the alt-right. On Tuesday, leaders initially declined to consider the proposal submitted by a prominent black pastor in Texas, Dwight McKissic, and only changed course after a significant backlash. On Wednesday afternoon, the body passed a revised statement against the alt-right. But the drama over the resolution revealed deep tension lines within a denomination that was explicitly founded to support slavery.” ~ Emma Green 

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