Dissolving the Marriage Between Corporate Power and Government

Dissolving the Marriage Between Corporate Power and Government

Henry A. Wallace
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Scott Wallace, grandson of former Vice President Henry Wallace, talks about why the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe received the Henry A. Wallace Award.

Standing Rock Receives the Henry A. Wallace Award

Scott Wallace and Ellen Dorsey of the Wallace Global Fund talk about why the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe received the 2017 philanthropic Henry A. Wallace Award: for their courageous effort to dissolve the marriage between corporate power and government.

From Grandson of Former VP Henry A. Wallace on Standing Rock’s Fossil-Free Future & American Fascism | Democracy Now! (Video):

“As we continue to look at how the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is embracing renewable energy, we turn now to Scott Wallace and Ellen Dorsey of the Wallace Global Fund. The fund recently awarded the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe the inaugural Henry A. Wallace Award and a $1 million investment in renewable energy projects led by the tribe. The award is named after Scott Wallace’s grandfather Henry A. Wallace, who served as vice president under Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1941 to 1945. In 1944, Wallace published an iconic article in The New York Times titled “The Danger of American Fascism.” He wrote, ‘American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact.'” ~ Democracy Now!

What If Henry A. Wallace Had Become President?

Former Vice President Henry A. Wallace was a dynamic and beloved political figure in his day. He spoke out against fascism. He stood for racial equality. He warned of a corporate takeover of the American government. Had he remained Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Vice President in 1944, he would have become President of the United States in 1945 when FDR died. How might our nation, and the world, be different today if there had been a Wallace presidency?

From Henry Wallace, America’s Forgotten Visionary | Truthout:

“One of the great “What if?” questions of the 20th century is how America would have been different if Henry Wallace rather than Harry Truman had succeeded Franklin Roosevelt in the White House. Filmmaker Oliver Stone has revived this debate in his current ten-part Showtime series, “The Untold History of the United States,” and his new book (written with historian Peter Kuznick) of the same name.

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, only FDR eclipsed Wallace – Roosevelt’s secretary of agriculture (1933-1940) and then his vice president (1941-1944) – in popularity with the American people…” ~ Peter Dreier

From  Uncommon Man | The New Yorker:

“…With the exception of Al Gore, Wallace remains the most famous almost-President in American history. In the past half-century, progressives have often dreamed of a world in which Wallace re-started the New Deal and curtailed the national-security state. The latest iteration of this fantasy appeared in Oliver Stone’s “Untold History of the United States,” a documentary series that ran on Showtime last fall and produced a companion book, by Stone and Peter Kuznick. “There might have been no atomic bombings, no nuclear arms race, and no Cold War,” they write. For conservative historians, however, and for quite a few moderate liberals as well, a putative Wallace Presidency is an end-times scenario of appeasement and Communist infiltration. Thomas W. Devine’s new book, “Henry Wallace’s 1948 Presidential Campaign and the Future of Postwar Liberalism” (North Carolina), portrays him not as a crucified savior or a demon of subversion but as a tragically flawed figure in whom idealistic conviction went sour. All commentators would agree that Wallace was one of the most curious characters ever to have come within a heartbeat of the Presidency…” ~ Alex Ross

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