8 Dreamlike Abandoned Settings Being Reclaimed by Nature | Tree Hugger

Nature overtakes civilization
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Given time, nature overcomes civilization. Effortlessly. Melissa Breyer of Tree Hugger compiles photographs that prove it. Stunning photojournalism.

Nature overtakes civilization

Photo: Michiel Van Balen/Flickr/CC

“There’s a strange and undeniable draw towards abandoned places. Ghost towns, urban movie palaces, grand shipwrecks, overgrown castles and the like; they lure in adventurers with their promise of poignancy and a special nostalgic brand of voyeurism. They offer visitors no small measure of irony, what with their juxtaposition of one-time splendor mixed with dilapidation…  nature lovers, the best part may be the simple beauty of the wild world reclaiming that which it once called its own…” ~ Melissa Breyer

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