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Super Simple Summer Salad: Cherry Tomatoes | Whole Foods Market

Super Simple Summer Salad: Cherry Tomatoes | Whole Foods Market

This tomato and basil salad has a twist. The dressing is made with sesame oil and soy sauce, instead of the typical vinaigrette. (If you’re vegetarian, try adding baby mozzarella balls, anyway.) From Whole Foods…

Tomatoes love Basil


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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about an alpha Bichon named Chester, and his friends–with a dash of humor and a dab of poli-sci. JoAnn worked professionally in the Psychology and Information Science fields. Retired now, she enjoys the creative life.


  1. usfman

    On the lighter side today.Makes sense.

  2. jilldennison

    Looks yummy … just the thing for these hot summer days!

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