Canadian spoken word artist Shane Koyczan performs Inconvenient Skin, which addresses 150 years of broken promises made to Native North Americans and the outright genocide of indigenous people. The United States is in the same boat. We must acknowledge our dark deeds, get back on a righteous path that reflects the people we want to be. Please, let’s heal. Let’s be stronger and better.

Inconvenient Skin | Shane Koyczan & Project Artists

“This year has been a polarizing one for Canada. While we celebrate 150 years as a nation we have also come face to face with our own dark history. I’ve spent the past few years reconnecting with my father, who has had first hand experience with residential schools. There has been a vast expanse of silence to traverse, and I’m only now discovering these missing chapters from my own origin. My hope is that this piece will continue the conversation. One of the things I’ve learned through this process is something about healing. To heal a wound you must first clean it… which is perhaps the most painful part. To clean a wound you must expose it to the stinging air. That is where we are right now; witnesses to the blood and pain. We face it now to heal it, or ignore it… letting the infection deepen and spread. Whichever path we choose the truth will not waiver. The cure will take as long as the sickness, and the sickness isn’t yet over.” ~ Shane Koyczan

Be aware. Be fair.