The Yes Men reveal what would be, for many, the ideal DNC platform. Alas, it’s all a complete sham — the DNC has not yet budged one iota to the left. The Yes Men are simply using humorous resistance to make a point, and have created a salient discussion piece about the American political system. Why not share it with your friends? You’ll all be salivating for democracy!

The Yes Men Explain Who They Are:

“We’re just two guys, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, who—thanks to a network of ultra-capable friends and allies—infiltrate conferences, produce fake newspapers, and do various other weirdness in order to expose the wrongdoings of miscellaneous, mostly corporate evildoers. Oh, and we record the whole thing to get it out to the world through social media, news channels, and our own movies.

We call this sort of thing “laughtivism” because, well, it’s funny. And it’s activist: the theory is, we’ll laugh bloodsuckers into oblivion and thus save the world. It doesn’t always work—the world still needs some saving—but, you know, the arc of history bends towards justice, even when it seems to be breaking.

On this site you’ll find stories from our past adventures, revealing some of the dirty details so that you can pull off your own. (And if you ever wonder “How did they do that?” just ask! We’ll be happy to add more details to satisfy demand.)

Laughtivism is fun, relatively easy, and is part of the tapestry of resistance – so if it appeals to you, why not do some of your own?

~ The Yes Men

DNC “Spokesman” Proposes Medicare For All – Stuns Crowd | The Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy Dore begins the discussion…

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