If we value the principle of free speech, we must allow it for all voices — even of those with whom we most heartily disagree — because it protects free speech for everyone living in a democracy, including you and me.

If we want to be a people of integrity, we must calm our emotions and put on our logical thinking-caps: Principles remain the same regardless of people, place, or time. Glenn Greenwald lays it out…

“…The ACLU has always defended, and still does defend, the free speech rights of the most marginalized left-wing activists, from communists and atheists, to hardcore war opponents and pacifists, and has taken up numerous free speech causes supported by many on the left and loathed by the right, including defending the rights of Muslim extremists and even NAMBLA. That’s true of any consistent civil liberties advocate: we defend the rights of those with views we hate in order to strengthen our defense of the rights of those who are most marginalized and vulnerable in society.” ~ Glenn Greenwald

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Be aware. Be objective.


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