25% of American Public Declare Loyalty to Trump — No Matter What

25% of American Public Declare Loyalty to Trump — No Matter What

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Monmouth University published a poll on August 15 that indicates 25% of the American public declares loyalty to Trump — no matter what he may do…

The best and the brightest continue to urge Trump supporters to stand up for the things they thought they were voting for. (Example: see Robert Reich’s smart video above.) But it may be to no avail. Monmouth University published a poll on August 15 that indicates 25% of the American public declares loyalty to Trump — no matter what he may do…

“Nearly seven months after taking office, it’s beginning to look like much of Trump’s support is locked in. Among those who currently approve of the president’s job performance, most (61%) say they cannot see Trump doing anything that would make them disapprove of him. Among those who currently disapprove of the president, a majority (57%) say they cannot foresee Trump doing anything – other than resigning – that would make them change their minds about him. In other words, about 25% of the American public support Trump and say they will not change their mind , while a nearly identical 28% say the opposite – disapproving of Trump and not expecting to alter that opinion. The remaining half of the public are unsure about the president’s job performance or are open to changing their opinion.” ~ Monmouth University Polling Institute

Perhaps the Charlottesville tragedy will change some of their minds? Umm, maybe not. Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray explains:

“It is not clear yet what impact the events in Charlottesville and the president’s response had on his rating as this unexpectedly occurred while we were in the middle of interviewing for this poll. But we’ve gotten used to making this type of disclaimer for practically every presidential poll we conduct .”

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These Trump supporters appear to be tough nuts to crack. (NO pun intended!) So, back to the drawing board. Any ideas?

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JoAnn Chateau
  • It reminds me of what Scott Adams wrote in his book “The Dilbert Future”, in which he said (paraphrasing): Party politics is so entrenched that people will vote for one candidate just because of party loyalty. If a head of lettuce were running for president, that lettuce would get 25% of the popular vote. This 25% would rationalize their decision by saying things like “Well at least that lettuce has principles,” “can’t be any worse than the other guy,” and “I just think it’s time for a change.”

    Seriously, look it up–great book (I loaned it out, hence I can’t get the page number and exact quotes).

  • Our dear brothers and sisters who remain loyal to Trump are like patients placed under induced coma. They will regain consciousness when they are strong enough to escape their alternative reality.

  • 25%, eh? I’m finding a disturbing parallel between those people and the German people in the 1928 election in post-World-War-1 Germany. Hitler ran for chancellor (their equivalent to our president) that election year and lost to war hero Paul Hindenburg. But 4 years later Hitler’s Nazi party won a majority, Hitler and the Nazi’s won the election, and the rest is history. I don’t mean to compare Trump to Hitler, but the parallels are striking. We’ll see what happens here in the US in 2020….

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