Turd Reich: San Francisco Dog Owners Lay Minefield of Poo for Right-Wing Rally | The Guardian

Turd Reich: San Francisco Dog Owners Lay Minefield of Poo for Right-Wing Rally | The Guardian

Crissy Field San Francisco

We dogs bring out the best in everyone, especially creative activists…

We dogs bring out the best in everyone, especially creative activists. If the Nazis bring their canines to the rally today, they’ll have a field day!

What…? The rally was cancelled?

Well… poop. That’s no fun. I was willing to donate my business.

“When a group of far-right activists come to San Francisco to hold a rally this Saturday, they will be met by peace activists offering them flowers to wear in their hair.

Also, dog shit. Lots and lots of dog shit.

Hundreds of San Franciscans plan to prepare Crissy Field, the picturesque beach in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge where rightwing protest group Patriot Prayer will gather, with a generous carpeting of excrement.

‘I just had this image of alt-right people stomping around in the poop,’ Tuffy Tuffington said of the epiphany he had while walking Bob and Chuck, his two Patterdale terriers, and trying to think of the best way to respond to right-wing extremists in the wake of Charlottesville. “It seemed like a little bit of civil disobedience where we didn’t have to engage with them face to face.”

Tuffington, a 45-year-old artist and designer, created a Facebook event page based on the concept, and the dog owners of San Francisco responded in droves. Many have declared their intention to stockpile their shit-piles for days in advance, then deliver them in bags for the site. (The group is also planning to reconvene on Sunday to “clean up the mess and hug each other”.)”

~ Julia Carrie Wong

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Yes, everyone was ready for the big event. Then the Patriot Prayer organizers cancelled the rally. They said, due to “public safety” issues.

We better go to Crissy Field today, anyway — to help Tuffy Tuffington clean up!

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