Economic Update for August 27, 2017 | Richard D. Wolff

Economic Update for August 27, 2017 | Richard D. Wolff

Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff

Economist Prof. Richard D. Wolff provides analysis on the following topics: Trump vs. U.S. corporations, Americans dying younger, Monsanto safety research failure, and homeless school children in NYC…

Capitalism critic (i.e., he’s a socialist!) and economist Prof. Richard D. Wolff provides economic analysis on the following topics:

  • Trump vs. large U.S. corporations.
  • Americans are dying younger.
  • Monsanto provides another horrific example of the ‘profit before people’ business model.
  • 1 in 7 New York City elementary school children will be homeless, at least part of the school year, in 2017.

To see the second half of this week’s episode, “Human Rights vs. U.S. Water Economics,” sign up as a patron on Patreon. I have not yet committed to being a Democracy at Work patron, but am considering it. Richard D. Wolff explains economics like no one else. You don’t need to take Wolff’s word as Gospel, but I encourage you to add his Economic Updates to your other economic information resources (if you haven’t already.)

Staunch capitalists? Don’t be afraid to listen to Wolff. You don’t need to hate capitalism to observe it’s weaknesses (e.g., ever-increasing inequality) and know that it can benefit from objective analysis and constructive criticism.

Be aware. Be objective.


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