DNC Lawsuit Lawyers File Motion to Appeal Dismissal | IVN

DNC Lawsuit Lawyers File Motion to Appeal Dismissal | IVN


An update on the dismissed DNC fraud lawsuit: An appeal has been filed…

An update on the dismissed DNC fraud lawsuit: An appeal has been filed…

“The DNC lawsuit may not be over just yet.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz filed an intent to appeal Friday, less than a month after the lawsuit was tossed by a federal judge…”

Lynn Marie Morski

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JoAnn Chateau
  • Yet the DNC violated its own rules of neutrality when party officials minimized Bernie Sanders’ campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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    In the simplest of terms, Judge Zioch recognized that the party treated voters unfairly, but legal technicalities prevented the court from being able to find fault in the DNC.

    Not treated unfairly, A portion of state’s delegates in primary are automatically awarded to party big shots and have nothing to do with who wins state in primary. So Bernie could win a state but Hill still gets these super delegates to add to her total. So voters don’t get to elect all the delegates. Party rules to award party officials as delegates to convention and these not elected but selected by state. party, usually party officials, mayors fund raisers. I can’t stand Debbie – makes me puke but she was my rep as I lived in her district parts of north Miami Dade County and south Broward County. But I still voted for her because she opposed stupid republican efforts to privatize social security. Oh sure . Let’s give the crooks more money to steal and there won’t be any bailout as sum$ too vast.

    • Yes, how democratic is it to have Super Delegates, in the first place? It takes power away from voters and places it squarely in the hands of establishment politicians. With such a system, no change, no progress, no improvement for the people is allowed.

      • I agree but this is one way party pillars get rewarded for all their work for their state party. Also they don’t care to have “nobodies” write the party platform. These “nobodies” elected democratically have no hand in the state party machinery and those entities are needed to win a state. The convention delegate mayor of a big city will bring a million votes. Will Mr nobody ? What seems even crazier is that some states allow people to choose in what party primary they will vote and not even registered as a party member

      • I see your point, Carl. The party is organized to a purpose.

        However, if it gets out-of-touch with voters, the party is useless. Worse, actually, if the party rumbles on just to serve rich corporations and billionaires.

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