So many Bernie Sanders supporters have been disappointed or outraged because he didn’t… fill-in-the-blank. As the country is now beginning to see, Sander’s strategy accomplishes so much more — he isn’t winning a political battle here and there, or a mere election, he’s winning the battle for Progressives.

Ever since Bernie lost the 2016 Democratic Primary, I had the feeling he would be running the country — without being President. Now, it looks like the U.S. News & World Report is agreeing with my prescient opinion.

“‘If you look at the list who are co-sponsoring this [Medicare for All legislation] and those who are rumored to be interested in [the presidency], you see some alignment. I don’t think that’s a coincidence,’ says Kenneth Zinn, the political director of National Nurses United, a staunch supporter of the Sanders legislation. ‘This is how change happens. Grassroots action, bottom-up pressure. I think anyone who wants to be considered a Progressive has to sign on to this bill. This is indeed becoming a litmus test for the movement…’

Sanders himself may decide to run for president again, but regardless of his personal decision, he’s setting an early bar of what constitutes a true Progressive in the era of Donald Trump. Whereas in 2016 the assumed risk was to be positioned too far to the left of Clinton, heading into 2020, the hazard appears to fall too far to the right of Sanders.”

David Catanese 

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