The First White President | The Atlantic

The First White President | The Atlantic


Here’s an audio version of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent essay ‘The First White President’ (coming after the Black President). Enjoy…

Here’s an audio version of Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ recent essay ‘The First White President’ (coming after the first Black President). Enjoy…

“Donald Trump’s presidency is predicated nearly entirely on the negation of a black president. and the constituencies he has activated are not going away.” ~ The Atlantic

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    Thanks for keeping it real. And finding and posting such a very interesting point-of-view.

    Of course, I am not sure I completely agree with all concepts… I don’t think ALL Trump voters see him that way… and would be shocked to be considered ‘like’ him. I appreciate and agree with most of the basic premises. They are well supported.

    I will have to come back to listen to the remainder… because, in reality… it was probably just as much an anti-woman… so… really, PRO-MALE, PRO-WHITE had equal pull on voters. With the anti-woman sentiment more an issue in the actual ELECTION. The anti-black being more represented in the primaries.

    But, what do I know? lol

    • I also don’t agree with it all, but think Coates voice is important for Americans to hear. I, too, always think white (male) supremacy.

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      Your comment is most appreciated, TC.

  • I just don’t see it this way and the rhetoric seems riddled with anti white male rants and twisted allusions and justifications at condemnation of white males. Contemporary white males are aware of no connection with these pseudo historical interpretations and not beneficiaries. Certainly there has been white privilege in the past but today’s white working class in not a by-product of it. Miami is 80% minority and 56% foreign born and a native born white male has little chance of employment or career advancement if employed. They can’t even “vote white” as there are none on the ballot any more, a ballot which by the way is written in 3 different languages, an effort at inclusion at the expense of excluding the white males. But they know they’ve lost their jobs and that of all elements of society they are bashed by the left as the foundations of all evil and that it is contemporary society’s idea that white male bashing is not only acceptable but encouraged. Today’s displaced white workers never had white privilege. To contend that Trump is president because he is white denies all the problems of the country that working class people are disgusted with. I don’t know any white males that go around thinking “I am white” or “my identity is white male” (except of course the white supremacists and neo Nazis). But it seems every other subset of the population self identifies according to race, gender and ethnicity and see no reality of their own prejudices and are as contaminated by their supposed victimization and self flattery and self aggrandizement as they accuse white males of . The new “I am a minority” glorification and everything evil(allegedly) emanated from white males. I consider myself a fair and moderate person but this shit is moving me further and further to the right and white, a place in which I thought I’d never be and am certainly uncomfortable and disappointed I am there. When a white male must get a 90% on the test to become a candidate for fireman or policeman training and a minority qualifies at 65%, who’s the oppressed party ? I am repulsed by all the PC left’s crucifying Trump as a white , racist bigot. Give me some evidence. Hillary Clinton stirred and played the race card more artfully than anyone in order to divide the nation and voters. She called Trump a racist just because he questioned Barry O’s birth certificate in her speeches many many times. That is a hate driven distortion . Has anyone looked at the birth certificate ? It has 23 identifiable irregularities. Why would Barry O release such an imperfect document and why do all democrats think it is a perfect and legitimate document ? I am not a birther but Trump is not a racist because he had questions which were very sensible and logical to ask. This man’s conclusions are based on assessments that are designed to support his anti Trump tirade. While his thoughts may make interesting social anthropology discussion they remain in the abstract realm of academia with no footing in the mind and thoughts of white males. Since they are allegedly stupid and ignorant they wouldn’t even be aware of this white privilege. They never had any. They just try to make a living. Ironically, we Italians did not get to be white until Joe DiMaggio got on the Yankees.

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