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It’s Time For Everyone — Left, Right and Center — To Admit They Were Lied To About Trump | Medium

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Written by JoAnn Chateau

Here’s a great editorial, sure to stir discussion. “Rogue” journalist Caitlin Johnstone says to stop the hyperbolic attacks on the Trump administration, and to tackle the real problem: Neoconservativism.

“…Let’s face it, liberals and leftists: you did not get the Hitler 2.0 you were promised. You didn’t get a bunch of goose-stepping brownshirts throwing Muslims into internment camps, killing people of color with impunity and deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. The most exciting thing you’ve seen so far is the president failing to unequivocally condemn white supremacist groups as quickly as he should have.

Let’s face it, conservatives, nationalists and libertarians: you did not get the anti-establishment revolutionary you were promised. You’re not getting your wall, it turns out Trump doesn’t give a shit about illegal immigration any more than any other president ever has, the swamp’s not draining, and the troops will remain stationed overseas for the foreseeable future…

Donald Trump is not a Nazi. Donald Trump is not a nationalist warrior against the globalist elites. Donald Trump is a neoconservative neoliberal guardian of the status quo, just like his predecessors. The few ways in which Trump differs from Obama in terms of actual policy are the same few ways that establishment Republicans differ from establishment Democrats…”

Caitlin Johnstone


What do you think? Is neoconservativism the worse affliction of our country? What about the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics? How might the two issues be connected? (My own opinion? No ideology works as intended once it becomes corrupt.)

Does the neoconservative emphasis on military might lead us into unnecessary wars? Does perpetual war mongering protect the United States, or does it jeopardize our security?  For the sake of “following the money,” who are the financial benefactors of war? Are they ideological purists or profiteers?

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Be aware. Be objective.


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  • Although Johnstone’s larger point is essentially correct (i.e. the negative reaction to Trump across the political spectrum), she misses the mark on the important dynamics – in my opinion. I’ll focus my critique on the following statement:

    >>> “Donald Trump is a neoconservative neoliberal guardian of the status quo, just like his predecessors.”

    Psychologists have been dissecting Trump’s personality and mental state for months now, and a pretty clear consensus opinion has emerged. Trump is no ideologue. He is not motivated by some grand philosophical vision as many of his presidential predecessors were. Rather, Trump is a classic megalomaniac (clinically, Narcissistic Personality Disorder). He is only motivated by whatever transient thoughts are running through his tortured brain at any given moment. Trump isn’t defending anything other than his own prodigious and fragile ego. So, from this viewpoint, Trump exists somewhere between the maniacal Hitler and the ruthlessly calculating Stalin.

    That Trump appears to be defending the establishment status quo is a result of the circumstances he finds himself in, and I believe it is causing him tremendous frustration. The U.S. presidency obviously wields great power, but it is far from monolithic. From the constitutional separation of powers, the perverse particularities of American politics, the recent difficulties of a governing majority, and to the ever-present influence of the so-called “shadow government,” any politician would find themselves as constrained. Remember the profound disappointment of Obama by the progressive Left? He went from “Hope and Change” to the ‘cowardly sellout’ before the end of his first term. And, how did the Right treat our first black president? He was nothing less than the corrupt socialist and evil antichrist from Kenya.

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