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Prof. Larry Lessig Is Fighting for ‘One-Person-One-Vote’

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Written by JoAnn Chateau

In the above video, 2016 presidential candidate Prof. Larry Lessig talks with TYT host Cenk Uygur about his ongoing Equal Votes campaign (i.e., one-person-one-vote.) It’s a stimulating discussion! Along the way, Lessig offers an intriguing insight into the 2016 Democratic Primary. He says, if the DNC had not changed the debate rules (thus eliminating his chance to join the Democratic presidential debates), Hillary Clinton would have won the General Election. Take a listen, to understand what he means.

The nitty-gritty of the Equal Votes campaign is explained in the short video below:

“We have a plan to challenge the Electoral College in the Supreme Court, and we believe we can win—even in time for the 2020 election.” ~ Equal Citizens



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  • We have a system here in the UK too where an individual’s vote doesn’t count. I live in a constituency which is solidly Tory, so it makes no difference how I vote, or even whether I vote. So much for democracy.

    • Yes. Perhaps not worthy of worship, Lessig is certainly one of our American heroes. If there’s any hope for us, it’s because of thinkers and political activists like him.

  • I do not want the people of 20 cities in a dozen states electing the president of the whole country. One man-one vote seems to make sense on the surface but that combination disenfranchises the rest of the voters and is one reason 4 of the first 5 presidents was from Virginia. It is more democratic to have 50 little elections than just one. If it’s one man- one vote a candidate need not waste time campaigning in 38 states or address particular concerns of those people. The people of those cities are mostly on welfare and they will vote for the “welfare” candidate not ones who have the future of the nation at heart.

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