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Bernie Sanders’ Speech on American Foreign Policy Is Based on Law, Instead of Might

Bernie Sanders speaks on foreign policy at Westminster College September 21, 2017
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Bernie Sanders spoke on American foreign policy at the prestigious Green Foundation Lecture Series at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri yesterday. In Sanders’ view, diplomacy-first and international collaboration, based on law instead of might, are vital for world peace…

You can catch the gist and impact of Bernie’s speech from John Nichols’ article in The Nation:

“The most meaningful foreign-policy address delivered by a prominent American political figure in this moment of global turmoil and possibility was not, as should be quite clear by now, Donald Trump’s “Rocket Man” rant at the United Nations.

Rather, it was the speech that Senator Bernie Sanders gave Thursday at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. The long-planned address by the 2016 presidential contender was not presented as a formal response to Trump. And yet, as Sanders outlined a vision for foreign policy that was more nuanced, more complex, and more genuinely internationalist than that of the president, he provided the most necessary and valuable counter to Trump…”

~ John Nichols

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To hear Bernie’s full speech, watch the video below:

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  • international collaboration, based on law instead of might,

    Oh, right. just let this “fantasy man” deal with “rocket man” and “death to America and incinerate Israel Iran”.

    • I have to agree with JoAnn on this one. If we give up the hope that some day we can achieve global peace (relatively) then we stop trying, and if we stop trying, then we are doomed. The U.S. is a fledgling nation compared to most of the rest of the world, and does not have a lengthy history to look back on. I realize that Sanders’ ideas may seem lofty, but they are goals, and certainly much more well-thought-out and more intellectual than anything Trump has said … ever, I think. We keep striving to meet the goal, but sadly, at the moment, there is no goal … only a bully in the pulpit.

  • In coming to the USA, I have discovered how little Americans know of the effects US foreign policies have on other countries across the world and on peoples’ lives everywhere. Today, those tested policies – from economic to military – have come home to roost.

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