‘100% Renewable’ Is Proactive Slogan of Environmental Movement

‘100% Renewable’ Is Proactive Slogan of Environmental Movement

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The Unimaginable is Now Possible: 100% Renewable Energy. We Can’t Settle for Less.

Move over, “Global Warming.” Get out of town, “Climate Change.” Take a nap, Polar Bear (floating on a surf-board-sized iceberg). The Environmental Movement has a fresh slogan, a new standard bearer. It gives us both a proactive instruction and some degree of optimism: “100% Renewable.”

Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben, world renown environmentalist and co-founder of 350.org. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons.)

The knock on environmentalists is that they’ve been better at opposing than proposing. Sure, being against overheating the planet or melting the ice caps should probably speak for itself—but it doesn’t give us a means. So it’s important news that the environmental movement seems to be rallying round a new flag. That standard bears a number: 100 percent.

It’s the call for the rapid conversion of energy systems around the country to 100 percent renewable power—a call for running the United States (and the world) on sun, wind and water. What Medicare for All is to the healthcare debate, or Fight for $15 is to the battle against inequality, 100% Renewable is to the struggle for the planet’s future. It’s how progressives will think about energy going forward—and though it started in northern Europe and Northern California, it’s a call that’s gaining traction outside the obvious green enclaves. In the last few months, cities as diverse as Atlanta and Salt Lake have taken the pledge.

No more half-measures. Barack Obama drove environmentalists crazy with his “all-of-the-above” energy policy, which treated sun and wind as two items on a menu that included coal, gas and oil. That is not good enough. Many scientists tell us that within a decade, at current rates, we’ll likely have put enough carbon in the atmosphere to warm the Earth past the Paris climate targets. Renewables—even the most rapid transition—won’t stop climate change, but getting off fossil fuel now might (there are no longer any guarantees) keep us from the level of damage that would shake civilization…”

~ Bill McKibben

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JoAnn Chateau
  • JoAnn, I just read an article in The Guardian about Georgetown, Texas going 100% renewable energy powered once a solar farm is completed. The Mayor Dale Ross looked at the numbers and the cost for wind and solar were comparable with fossil fuels. Plus, in a contract the renewable energy company said the give a 25 year rate guarantee when the natural gas company could only do seven years. The Republican Mayor said it was just a matter of looking at the facts, so we went with the wind energy/ solar energy route for predictable costs.

    He added the President’s comments about bringing coal back is a false promise. Coal is the most expensive fossil fuel source, so the President is not being truthful. It should be noted the state of Texas is the largest wind producing state in the US, with over 13% of its electricity by wind. It also has a lot of capability and space for solar.

    What is also interesting to me is Alabama and other southern states are quietly moving more toward solar and it should not surprise that wind energy is done more in red states because of location and cost than anywhere else in the US. This needs to be talked about more.


    • Thanks for the input, Keith. I agree. Saving money on power is a nonpartisan goal held by both corporate board members and regular people who need to heat/cool/illuminate their homes.

      The possibility is interesting to me that our capitalist system might have developed and transitioned to renewable energy many years ago — if we had sensible regulated free enterprise and if Big Industry Big Bucks didn’t so easily temp our lawmakers.

JoAnn Chateau

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