Renewable Energy Is Way Too Expensive, Right? | Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe

Katherine Hayhoe explains global warming
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe explains how renewable energy is affordable and why fossil fuels are not a moral necessity for poor people.

As a scientist and climate action advocate, Hayhoe has many accomplishments and honors under her belt. So it is interesting to note, considering how entrenched in climate denial Conservative America is, that Hayhoe hails from that very realm — both as a Texan and evangelical Christian. While Progressives may like to argue, let’s affirm that honest, intelligent Conservatives have never been the problem.

Healthy debate is good for the country. (Legalized bribery is not.) All “parties” agree? Let’s take climate action together.

Conservatives and Progressives: Taking Climate Action Together


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      • My parents pay by installment, $ 103 a month, that’s how they can suck you in…. make it affordable to pay, by installment.

        We now see to it that we wash the dishes ( with hot water , of course ) when there’s sunlight, take a bath , etc. But it doesn’t help keep the cost down in winter, for obvious reason.

        * sigh * I don’t really know if the cost is off-set by saving. I’m sure we save a little, especially during the summer months.
        Actually, what made the installation expensive was the water tank itself. The water tank is especially made for solar powered battery, so we had to junk the old one and buy their own water tank.

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