Pull out your hankie. This is the story of the heroic Odin, a Great Pyrenees (bred to guard flocks), who stubbornly stayed behind to protect his goats while the ferocious Tubbs Fire burned in Sonoma County, California.

“As the raging California wildfires encroached upon Roland Hendel’s home, he had to make a split-second decision — try to force his dog Odin into the car, or leave him behind.

Odin is one of two great Pyrenees who take turns guarding the family’s eight goats from coyotes and mountain lions, and he was on duty the night the fires broke out…”

~ CBC As It Happens

READ & LISTEN: A Dog Called Odin Survives California Wildfires After Refusing to Abandon His Goats | CBC As It Happens

Odin and his eight goats survived. But Odin’s fur wasn’t white anymore. The fire’s heat turned it orangy! Everyone is so glad he made it through, and saved the goats. I just wonder, how did he do it?

Now, the only thing Odin and his family have left are the goats. If you’d like to chip in, click on Odin’s photo below.

“…As many of you know, Ariel, Scott, Stephen, and I lost everything we had in the Tubbs fire that devastated our forest home in Sonoma County earlier this week.

We had minutes to load up the animals and run from the advancing firestorm. Despite the sounds of exploding propane tanks, twisting metal, and the hot swirling winds, Odin refused to leave our family of 8 bottle-fed rescue goats.

Hours later when we had found relative safety we cried for Odin and our goats. I was sure I had sentenced them to a horrific and agonizing death.

Days later, when we were able to make it back to the property, we found a burned, battered, and weakened Odin, surrounded by his 8 goats, and several small deer who had come to him for protection and safety. Odin was weak, and limping, his once thick and beautiful coat singed orange, his whiskers melted. Even now as i write this, I am crying tears of gratitude and awe at his bravery and devotion…”

~ Odin’s human, Roland Hendel

Odin in a weakened, orangy state after successfully protecting his goats from the wildfire. (Photo: Roland Hendel)

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