Canines roam the halls of power all over the world. In Finland, for instance, Lennu is First Dog. He’s a five-year-old Boston Terrier (American ancestry!) who is ready for any state occasion or media event, attired as he is, in a perfectly fitting fur tuxedo. Skilled in diplomacy, Lennu can wield a really wide smile.

Let’s give Finnish First Dog Lennu a big tail wag. He’s the obvious statesdog to lead international peace packs. Who wouldn’t be cool and mellow around him? Look at what he’s done for Finland — it’s the fifth happiest country in the world!

“…When Daily Beast reporter Kelly Weill shared a photo of Lennu on Twitter, the response was overwhelming. In a time of political upheaval, a mischievous and happy little fellow like Lennu gives world politics some much-needed comic relief…”

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