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Lennu: Canine Diplomat with Wide Smile

Lennu's wide canine smile
Written by Chester

Canines roam the halls of power all over the world. In Finland, for instance, Lennu is First Dog. He’s a five-year-old Boston Terrier (American ancestry!) who is ready for any state occasion or media event, attired as he is, in a perfectly fitting fur tuxedo. Skilled in diplomacy, Lennu can wield a really wide smile.

Let’s give Finnish First Dog Lennu a big tail wag. He’s the obvious statesdog to lead international peace packs. Who wouldn’t be cool and mellow around him? Look at what he’s done for Finland — it’s the fifth happiest country in the world!

“…When Daily Beast reporter Kelly Weill shared a photo of Lennu on Twitter, the response was overwhelming. In a time of political upheaval, a mischievous and happy little fellow like Lennu gives world politics some much-needed comic relief…”

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