Why We Should All Feel Grateful for Donald Trump

Why We Should All Feel Grateful for Donald Trump

Reverend Billy Talen

Rev. Billy Talen is grateful for President Trump. He says the man has spurred a radical new idea. “It’s finally dawning on us that we have to save our lives.”…


The Trump Presidency has stirred up a degree of political protest and grassroots activism that our country has not seen in many years. Reverend Billy Talen is grateful for that. He says Trump has spurred a radical new idea:

“It’s finally dawning on us that we have to save our lives.”

This is a great “sermon” ❣ Please share it with anyone who needs a life-saving conversion.

About Reverend Billy Talen & the Church of Stop Shopping

Reverend Billy Talen founded the Church of Stop Shopping, which advocates for social and environmental justice. They are activists.

Their theatrical messaging entertains, stimulates the mind, and touches the heart. Since one must go to such great lengths to get pass the brain barrier of conventional thinking, of course their work has a touch of satire.

The Church of Stop Shopping may show up anywhere, anytime, to do their thing. They are guerrilla activists. Though, these days, they have a particular fondness for Trump Tower.

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