A History of Global Warming, In Just 35 Seconds | Climate Central

A History of Global Warming, In Just 35 Seconds | Climate Central

Temperature anomalies by country, 1900-2016

The Futility of Temperature Expectations?

What do you expect your weather to be like?

For one thing, you expect the temperature to be close to average, given the time of year. Naturally, there will always be anomalies here and there, when the temperature deviates from what is considered standard, normal, or expected.

But what happens when anomalies become… normal?

You may need to go “Zen” on weather expectations — no judgement about “normal,” no expectations at all.

That necessity may come sooner than you think, regardless of where you live. Please view the video, and remember, Zen masters never panic.

Temperature Anomalies Arranged by Country from 1900 – 2016 | Climate Central

“A new animation shows what global warming looks like in more than 100 countries.” ~ Climate Central

READ ABOUT IT: A History of Global Warming, In Just 35 Seconds

Enjoy the weather while you can.


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