I have heard all the Harry Potter books. I got hooked at toe-jam jelly beans. (They must be delicious!)

Now, look at what literate animal shelter workers are doing in Florida: They sort their dogs by personality into Hogwarts Houses. Adoptions are going through the roof!

The best thing is, mixed mutts and elite breeds now have equal opportunity for adoption. I call that canine democracy!

“A shelter in Florida was noticing that a lot of people looking to adopt dogs were focusing on breed rather than personality. Wanting people to look at their dogs for who they really are, the shelter came up with a fun (and super nerdy) way to showcase their dogs’ personalities — using Harry Potter.

Stephen Bardy, executive director at Pet Alliance Orlando, was chatting with other staff members at the shelter about how to get people to focus less on breed and more on personality when they came up with the genius idea to start sorting dogs into Hogwarts houses. Each dog is sorted based on his personality, and the shelter actually has a very sophisticated system for figuring out which dog belongs in which house, just like the Sorting Hat…”

~ Caitlin Jill Anders

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