Chicano Batman: Latino Roots Are Strong

Chicano Batman: Latino Roots Are Strong

Chicano Batman: A Latino Flair

An interview with lead vocalist Bardo Martinez and bass player Eduardo Arenas from the Chicano Batman band…

Chicano Batman is a band with Latino roots, and the message: Latino roots are strong.

Amy Goodman Interviews Chicano Batman

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews lead vocalist Bardo Martinez and bass player Eduardo Arenas from Chicano Batman. The band is, essentially, musical advocacy for Latinos and anyone else who has ever been oppressed. In fact, Chicano Batman is hip. Rolling Stone says they sound like “the hippest  prom band ever, exuding classic soul, cosmic consciousness and righteous resistance.”

Martinez and Arenas are smart, likable young men. Learning from life experience as a minority, they throw off an aura of dignified, self-humane confidence. They’ve been through it; you can make it, too. Great interview!

“We are joined in our Democracy Now! studio by the Los Angeles-based Psychedelic soul band Chicano Batman. They describe their new album titled Freedom is Free as a ‘move to unravel our minds of fear from the powers that be and replace it with self-empowerment. Freedom must be restored to what it has always been: controlled by no person and subject only to the infinite flow of the elements. While we are here on Earth, we should rejoice in its worth.’ We speak with the lead vocalist, Bardo Martinez, and bass player Eduardo Arenas.” ~ Democracy Now!

The bat-like symbol of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers movement. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Truth Goes Political

Authentic Latino roots give Chicano Batman’s music a political edge.

“…Their name came from Martínez and is a reference to a certain comic book character, but was also inspired by the bat-like symbol of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers movement, which fought for laborers’ rights in California.

‘It’s not our intention to be political, it’s just where we’re at,’ says Arenas. ‘Creating a song that talks about your environment, that’s just as timeless as any love song,’ adds Martínez. ‘For this particular record the intention wasn’t to have a ‘political record’, the intention was to have truthful songs…'”

Lanre Bakare

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Latino Style

Speaking of those strong Latino roots, take a look and listen.

Freedom Is Free!


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