I was hit by a sad insight into Donald Trump’s psyche while doing blog research. Trump’s temperament is perfectly encapsulated in this description of Weimaraner dogs that I came across:

“…Dominant with other dogs, predatory toward small animals such as cats and rabbits, most Weimaraners need an owner who can provide leadership, socialization, and training beyond the beginner level. Though this breed is headstrong, in the right hands he is capable of learning and doing virtually anything.

Indeed, a well-matched owner will find the Weimaraner a loyal, aristocratic gentleman of great presence and character.

A novice with little time and space will find him a rambunctious bully, difficult to control…”

Michele Welton

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Weimaraner dog

The (possibly) noble Weimaraner dog. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Which strengths and weaknesses are called forth, is in the handling of a dog or the parenting of a child. In Trump’s case, the raw material he presented to his care-givers could possibly have been molded into something more noble.

I can only speculate that Trump’s subconscious is haunted by such wasted potential that was once his. Maybe there is a part of him that imagines himself to be the fulfillment of long-lost potential: “capable of… doing virtually anything…[and being an] aristocratic gentleman of great presence and character” — like the persistent sensation of a “phantom limb,” where a leg has been amputated.

Trump may actually believe he is the man he could have been, perhaps who he was meant to be.

Sad. How sad. How very, very sad, the reality. Child rearing gone askew.

Just an Armchair Analysis


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