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Ancient Greeks: Archimedes and Eureka! - Quotes | Ancient Greeks
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Eureka! — I have found it!
~ Archimedes

“One of the first details we read about Archimedes, (born c. 287 bce—died c. 212 bce), in almost every account of his life is the famous scene where he runs wet and naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting “Eureka!, Eureka!” (“I have found it!”). This nudist episode, however, fails to capture the respect that the life of the greatest Greek mathematician and mechanical engineer of antiquity deserves. Archimedes was a pioneer in mathematics and engineering, many centuries ahead of his contemporaries.” ~ Ancient History Encyclopedia

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Human nature has not changed over the millennia. The question is, do we learn from history?

Curiosity leads to discovery, which leads to invention and innovation. It’s an alluring process. That must be why creatives have so much fun.

That’s one of my thoughts. Care to share what you are thinking?

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