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What Know-It-Alls Don’t Know, or the Illusion of Competence | Aeon

We’re always trying to figure out why people support Trump, why Republicans vote against their own interests, and why such folks loudly orate their views at the drop of a hat. Maybe Ph.D. neuroscience candidate Kate Fehlhaber can give us a clue. She cites a study that shows incompetent people are too incompetent to evaluate their own incompetence.

“…[The] ‘illusion of confidence’ is now called the ‘Dunning-Kruger Effect’, and describes the cognitive bias to inflate self-assessment.

To investigate this phenomenon in the lab, Dunning and Kruger designed some clever experiments. In one study, they asked undergraduate students a series of questions about grammar, logic and jokes, and then asked each student to estimate his or her score overall, as well as their relative rank compared to the other students. Interestingly, students who scored the lowest in these cognitive tasks always overestimated how well they did – by a lot. Students who scored in the bottom quartile estimated that they had performed better than two-thirds of the other students!…”

Kate Fehlhaber

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Hmm… individuals who perform at the bottom think they’re outperforming everyone else. Remind you of anybody?

Competent or Incompetent?



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  1. Robert A. Vella

    >>> “… incompetent people are too incompetent to evaluate their own incompetence.”

    It’s so true, but I can’t stop laughing!


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