It’s time for an update on the Brazile Bombshell story, in which Donna Brazile blew the whistle on Hillary Clinton’s secret, premature takeover of the DNC.

Brazile’s story was debunked.

All candidates may sign a Joint Fund-Raising Agreement well in advance of the General Election, and such agreements pertain only to the General Election. Brazile’s revelation was either a mistake, or she was lying.

As it turns out, there actually was a second memo. However, it too, pertained to the General Election.

According to a memo obtained by NBC News:

“…It clearly allowed the Clinton campaign to influence DNC decisions made during an active primary, even if intended for preparations later.

‘Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to violate the DNC’s obligation of impartiality and neutrality through the Nominating process. All activities performed under this agreement will be focused exclusively on preparations for the General Election and not the Democratic Primary,’ the memo states.

‘Further we understand you may enter into similar agreements with other candidates,’ it continues…”

NPR did a fact-check and confirmed there are two different memos.

Then, the debunk was debunked.

The second memo is significant. Katie Halper explains that, despite the wording, the deal in the second memo did pertain to the Primary. The wording is routine, self-protecting legalize.

That’s all for now, folks.

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