AFL-CIO Declares Independence from Two-Party Political System

AFL-CIO Declares Independence from Two-Party Political System

AFL-CIO Headquarters

With support from labor unions, it is an auspicious time for the rise of a Third Party in America…

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) convened October 22-25 in St. Louis Missouri. They passed over 50 resolutions, ranging from health care, foreign policy, climate change, and the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. But two resolutions stand out as declarations of independence from a two-party political system.

AFL-CIO Resolution 2: An Independent Political Voice

“…We must give working people greater political power by speaking with an unquestionably independent political voice, backed by a unified labor movement. The time has passed when we can passively settle for the lesser of two evils…”

AFL-CIO Resolution 48: Exploring New Directions for Labor in Electoral Politics

“…the AFL-CIO also… studies the viability of independent and third-party politics; and explores other reasonable means of advancing the interests of labor in electoral politics…”

With support from labor unions, it is an auspicious time for the rise of a Third Party in America.


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