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Here’s to Progressive Wins — Now, in 2018, and 2020! - Progressive Politics
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Yesterday’s Anti-Trump wins are good. What’s even better are the progressive wins. Progressives are the ones who are going to curb Big Money’s toxic hold on lawmakers, from Main Street U.S.A. to Washington D.C.

“Democrats won big last night,
but there’s an even more important lesson to learn here:
Progressive Democrats won big last night.”
~ Collier Meyrson, The Nation

Read & Rejoice

Our Revolution Candidates Won Big Last Night | The Nation

‘Tsunami’ of Progressive Victories Delivers Massive Repudiation of Trumpism | Common Dreams

‘Completely Unelectable’ Progressive Larry Krasner Wins DA’s Race | Philadelphia

Voters Reject Republican Candidates as New ‘Autopsy’ Report Finds the Democratic Party in Crisis | Democracy Now!

“As voters on Tuesday turned against the Republican Party one year after Donald Trump was elected president, a new report, Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis, examines the role of Democratic Party loyalists in the party’s 2016 defeat. We look at the outcomes from election night and speak with the report’s co-author, Norman Solomon.” ~ Democracy Now

Progressive or Bust!


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