Just in my mailbox: Represent.Us asks concerned citizens to join the all-American, non-partisan, anti-corruption movement. Why not? Sign up for the social media Thunderclap that goes live tomorrow, on Tuesday, in order to support Lobbyist Gift Ban legislation in Pennsylvania. (Residents of all 50 States may answer the call.)

One politician is blocking America’s next anti-corruption law. So right now, Represent.Us members are on the way to the capitol in Pennsylvania for two days of protest – and we need your help to make sure Representative Metcalfe knows that people across the country are watching.

Click here to join the social media Thunderclap and automatically post a message with thousands of other Represent.Us members. Your post will go live tomorrow while volunteers protest outside Metcalfe’s office.

Represent.Us members are joining with a coalition from all across the country. Together, we just marched 36 miles from Lancaster to Harrisburg, and met hundreds of supporters along the way. Now, volunteers are storming the capitol building in Pennsylvania to rally, deliver petition signatures, and bring these plungers donated by hundreds of Represent.Us members telling Metcalfe to unclog the legislature and pass the lobbyist gift ban.

We need to work together to fight and win each anti-corruption battle, wherever they show up. And Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is only going to feel enough pressure to act if he’s surrounded by this protest – both in person and online. Help put the heat on Metcalfe.

Join the Thunderclap and share it with your networks to help send thousands of messages and be part of the protest tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see all of our messages go live at once!

Jen Jen Johnson
Digital Director

A Democratic Call-to-Action!


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