Combating Speciesism in a Time of Racism | Daily News

Combating Speciesism in a Time of Racism | Daily News

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How do you talk about animal rights and welfare, when humans abuse their own species? Animal rights advocate Ingrid Newkirk offers a mind-expanding viewpoint…

How do you talk about animal rights and welfare, when humans abuse their own species? Animal rights advocate Ingrid Newkirk offers a mind-expanding viewpoint.

“…We know so much nowadays about animal intelligence and the cruelty hidden in the slaughterhouse, the circus and trophy hunting that it can’t be right to put that aside. In fact, by recognizing that obligation, we may even learn something about how to treat those who are closest to us…” ~ Ingrid Newkirk

Animals have basic rights.


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JoAnn Chateau
      • Possibly. The Daily News is one of the newspapers I grew up reading – along with Newsday and the New York Times and, while it isn’t an obscene corporate tool of indoctrination like the NY Post, it isn’t exactly the old Village Voice either. 😆 That’s the paper I switched to in my twenties. Thanks for posting an excellent article.

      • I used to live on Long Island, read Newsday. Wasn’t smart or political, like now. :-) What is the political climate there today? I heard it’s Trump Land… surely not.

      • You’ve lived in Long Island? When?

        The politics of Long Island are complicated and very strange. For many years, the Republican party was was the more powerful, but that goes back to when the GOP was “the party of Lincoln” and dominated by the Northeast while much of the Democratic party was made up of white supremacist “Dixiecrats.” As the parties slowly exchanged a majority of their constituencies, Long Island changed more slowly. It has a healthy, diverse economy with relatively low crime and homelessness. A large portion of the population there have been sedated into lives of comfortable apathy and complacency. This has caused a situation in which most people there vote as if they are rooting for their favorite basketball or baseball team. They rarely dig deep enough to understand what’s going on outside of their little worlds of working, overpopulating the planet, paying bills and sitting in some of the worst traffic jams in the country.

        Few people around the country know anything about Long Island. Those who do usually just know it’s a suburb of New York City. They don’t know that if Suffolk and Nassau were combined into a city it would have the third or fourth largest population among cities in the U.S. – about the population of Chicago.

        Three of Long Island’s five congressional members are Democrats, two are Republicans. Suffolk has twelve Democrats and six Republicans in its county legislature while both counties have more Republicans than Democrats in the New York State legislature. A strange mix.

        Trump actually won both counties in the 2016 election (to the serious horror of almost everyone I know there), but his approval ratings (which were never high) have plummeted while president. Democrats won most elections locally this year as (I believe) they did throughout the country.

        While Republicans have a strong following, it’s inaccurate to assume the GOP voters there are the same as those in Republican regions throughout the country. The GOP politicians don’t show blatant racism (though it exists, of course) and don’t campaign on getting rid of immigrants, banning Muslims or villify President Obama. They are somewhat sane – except for one congressional member in Nassau County. (He’s scary). Obama won both counties easily in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

        So, there you have it. A strange mix, mainly due to the twin killers of democracy – apathy and complacency.

JoAnn Chateau

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